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Fangirl Friday: A School Frozen in Time

Blurb On a snowy school day like any other, classmates and childhood friends Hiroshi and Mizuki arrive at school to find the campus eerily empty. Before long, they find themselves trapped inside with six other friends, and even stranger, all the clocks have stopped at a very specific moment–the exact time when a former classmate… Continue reading Fangirl Friday: A School Frozen in Time

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Origin Story: Rediscovering Vihaan

The entire Rediscovering Vihaan mini-series was planned by around Book 4 of Surviving Vihaan. Though I included various shorts into the main Surviving Vihaan series, I also knew there were other, minor, characters I want to explore in more depth. People who had a small part in another person’s story, but whose stories didn’t fit… Continue reading Origin Story: Rediscovering Vihaan