Author Resources

Author Swag Ideas

Fairy Tales: A List of Stories

Author Tips: Crunching Number

(Make It) Hard to be Faithful

Finding Inspiration #1 #2  #3

Tips and Tricks

Plot Issues: Inconsistencies

Plot Issues: Laziness

Repeat Words

Books for Troops


The Science of Getting Drunk

15 Great Cover Designs #1 #2

36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching

Words to Bring Back

Animal Instincts




Tips for Writing Crime

Hospital Scenes

Book Blogs


Review Blogs

Faking It


Swag: Charity Edition




Author Legalese

8 Tips For Writing Explosive Action Scenes

Bamboo Spark for Writers

LGBT Terminology

Novel Related Gifts from Etsy #1 #2

Picture Prompts #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Fantasy Worldbuilding

Best-Sellers Initially Rejected

Deadly Plants

Write that Scene (Break Up)

Battles of British History

Date Ideas

History of LGBT Rights in the UK

Fight Scenes

Double Jeopardy

Cowboy Terminology

Boxing Terminology

Types of…

Genres: NA, YA, MM, PNR

Writing Tips #1 #2

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