This is where you will find direct links to all the reviews I will do in 2016. They are listed as the most recent first. Anything marked (R2R) is a book that I was given by the author/publisher in return for an honest review.

All of my Divine Magazine review are not included, as I didn’t want to choke the blog by posting reviews too often. If you want to see all of my Divine Reviews for 2016, you can check this Pinterest board, which has direct links to all of my reviews for the magazine.


Native Wind, by A.M. Burns (R2R / Divine)

Faith: Vol 1: Hollywood and Vine, by Jody Houser (R2R / Netgalley)

Turncoat, by Ryan O’Sullivan (R2R / Netgalley)

Alice in Wonderland – Manga Edition, by Jun Abe (R2R / Netgalley)

Limbo, by Dan Watters (R2R / Netgalley)

Mythic: Vol 1, by Phillip Hester (R2R / Netgalley)

ReMade – Season 1, by Matthew Cody (R2R / Netgalley)


The Hampton Road Club, by Morticia Knight (R2R / Divine)

Books 1-2 (Hesitant Heart, The Rules of Love)

Books 3-4 (The Fear of Surrender, Mastering Love)

Book 5 – Begging to Serve

Just a Suit, by H.P. Medina (R2R / Netgalley)

Stranger in Black, by Devon Rhodes (R2R / Divine)

Dreams and a Home, by Max C. Payne (R2R / Netgalley)

City of Wolves, by Willow Palecek (R2R / Netgalley)

Bender, by Gene Gant (R2R / Netgalley)


Haven Prime 1-2, by Albert Nothlit (R2R / Divine)

1.  Earthshatter, 2. Light Shaper

Reasons to Love A Nerd Like Me, by Becky Jerams (R2R)

Crisped & Sere (Immemorial Year #2), by T.J. Klune (R2R / Divine)

Heroes at Heart 1-3, by Susan Laine (R2R / Divine)

1. Yellowbelly Hero, 2. Yellow Streak, 3. Code Yellow

Cookies, by Teodora Kostova (R2R)

Firewall, by Sierra Riley (R2R)

To Terminator, With Love, by Wes Kennedy (R2R / Netgalley)


They Called Him Nightmare, by Deja Black (R2R / Divine)

Growing Up, by Tricia Sol (R2R / Netgalley)

Ryan and Scott 1-3, by Amy Lane (R2R / Divine)

1. Shirt, 2. Phonebook, 3. Puppy, Car and Snow

Growing Strong, by B.L. Dayhoff (R2R / Divine)

I Experimented Once in College, by Aishlar Snow (R2R / Divine)

Leader Murders 1-3, by Liv Olteano (R2R / Divine)

1. A Tooth For a Fang, 2. A Counselor Among Wolves, 3. A King and a Pawn

Fire and Snow (Carlisle Cops #4), by Andrew Grey (R2R / Divine)

Strong Medicine, by J.K. Hogan (R2R / Divine)

A Good Enough Reason, by C.M. Lievens (R2R / Divine)


Chronicles of Tournai 1-3, by Antonia Aquilante (R2R / Divine)

1. The Prince’s Consort, 2. The Artist’s Masquerade, 3. The Scholar’s Heart

The Town of Superstition 1-2, by R.G. Thomas (R2R / Divine)

1. The Midnight Garden, 2. The Well of Tears

Fitting In, by Sandra Bard (R2R / Netgalley)

Second Skin, by Alex Whitehall (R2R / Netgalley)

Trainwreck 1-2, by Michele Michael Rakes (R2R / Divine)

Too Good To Be True (1NightStand), by Deanna Wadsworth (R2R)

Nate and the New Yorker, by Kevin Klehr (R2R)

Bearly There, by Bailey Bradford (R2R / Divine)

Withered + Sere (Immemorial Year #1), by T.J. Klune (R2R / Divine)

Naughty Cupid, by Deanna Wadsworth (R2R / Divine)

I Like It Hard, by Francis James Franklin (R2R / Netgalley)

Escapade, by Dolce (R2R / Divine)

Caravaggio’s Angel, by Chris Quinton (R2R / Divine)


Book, Line, and Sinker, by L.J. LaBarthe (R2R / Divine)

Druids Lodge, by Kelly Clemmons (R2R / Divine)

Featherweight Heart, by Jillian Snyder (R2R / Divine)

Someday, by Sierra Riley (R2R)

Ocean of Secrets, by Jerry Sacher (R2R / Divine)

Cozzi Cove 1-2, by Joe Cosentino (R2R / Divine)

1. Bouncing Back, 2. Moving Forward


As You Wish (Shatterproof Bond 0.5), by Isobel Starling (R2R)

Spell Slave 1-2, by Evelyn Elliott (R2R / Divine)

1. Bad Magic, 2. Feather Fall

Texture Like Sun, by Ils Greyhart (R2R / Netgalley)

Love, Joy, Heartache and Pain, by John H. Ames (R2R / Divine)

The Kitchen Boy, by August Li (R2R / Divine)

Chasing Sunrise (The Darkmore Saga #1), by Lex Chase (R2R / Divine)

Torsere Trilogy, by Annabelle Jacobs (R2R / Divine)

Jeff Woods Mysteries, by Chris T. Kat (R2R / Divine)

Two Pet Dicks, by John Inman (R2R / Divine)

Swallow You Whole, by Jasper Black (R2R)

Refraction, by Hayden Scott (R2R / Divine)

A Planet Called Wish 1-2, by Caitlin Ricci (R2R / Divine)

1. To the Highest Bidder, 2. Fantasy for a Gentleman


Forbes Mates 1-2, by Grace R. Duncan (R2R / Divine)

Blood and Clockwork, by Katey Hawthorne (R2R / Netgalley)

Dust on the Wing, by Parker Foye (R2R / Netgalley)

Lifting the Veil 1-6, by Susan Laine (R2R / Divine)

Books 1-2 (The Wolfing Way, Genie’s Wish)

Books 3-4 (Hunter’s Moon, Monsters Under the Bed)

Books 5-6 (Love of the Wild, Stealing Dragon’s Heart)

Mr. March Names the Stars, by Rivka Aarons-Hughes (R2R / Netgalley)

How Not To Summon Your True Love, by Sasha L. Miller (R2R / Netgalley)

Assassins in Love 1-2, S.C. Wynne (R2R / Divine)

1. Assassins are People Too, 2. Assassins Love People Too

The Faerie Godmother’s Apprentice Wore Green, by Nicky Kyle (R2R / Netgalley)

Mending the Rift, by Chris T. Kat (R2R / Divine)

The Winter Prince, by R. Cooper (R2R / Divine)

Rowan McAllister’s Greatest Hits, by Rowan McAllister (R2R / Divine)

For Never and Always, by Ana J. Phoenix (R2R / Divine)

His Master’s Summons (Azgarth’s Chosen #1), by Cassie Sweet (R2R / Divine)

Salt and Iron, by Tam MacNeil (R2R / Divine)

My Man Walter, by J.S. Cook (R2R / Divine)

Captain 1-2, by Scarlet Blackwell (R2R / Divine)

1. The Captain’s Man, 2. The Captain’s Beloved

Vinyl Tiger, by Dave Di Vito (R2R / Divine)


Downpayment, by A.J. Mars (R2R / Divine)

Eric Arvin’s Greatest Hits, by Eric Arvin (R2R / Divine)

Some Assembly Required, by Lex Chase & Bru Baker (R2R / Divine)

When Was The Last Time, by Kelly Jensen (R2R / Divine)

Conversation Hearts, by Avon Gale (R2R / Divine)

Protagonist’s Antagonist – G. Streator

Project Ordell, by Susanna Hays (R2R / Divine)


Branded, by Clare London (R2R / Divine)

Romanus, by Mary Calmes (R2R / Divine)

What No One Else Can Hear, by Brynn Stein

Ray of Sunlight, by Brynn Stein

Petrocelli, by John Rachel (R2R)

For Mac, by Brynn Stein (R2R)

Snowed In, by Teodora Kostova