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Writer Wednesday – Most Anticipated Reads of 2023

I have so many books on my TBR list – for Netgalley, paperbacks, e-books I’ve bought, review books I’ve been given etc – that I often forget just how excited I was to read them, when I first came across them. In this Top 21 list of Most Anticipated Reads – not specifically releases of… Continue reading Writer Wednesday – Most Anticipated Reads of 2023

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#SocialSunday: Get to Know: Kevin Klehr

Virtual Insanity Series: TAYLeR Interview Q: Tell us a little bit about your book… It’s comedic. It’s cyberpunk. It’s an adventure. Plus, it’s social commentary as this, and the first in the series, Social Media Central, are written as a reflection of what’s happening in the world today. Or at least, my take on a… Continue reading #SocialSunday: Get to Know: Kevin Klehr

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#SocialSunday: ‘A Touch of Danger’ Showcase

A Touch of Danger Surviving Vihaan, Book 1 ~ Blurb Going undercover might expose more than he expected. Drew’s life sucks. Saving money to escape his homophobic family is one thing, but his only paying gig at the moment is playing his father’s ‘only gay in the village’ plus-one to every LGBT friendly business event.… Continue reading #SocialSunday: ‘A Touch of Danger’ Showcase