Pay It Forward

#TFT: Book OST: Kingston Academy 2, Part 2

#TransformationTuesday (#TFT) are an exploration of my WIP and completed Book Soundtracks. Full length novels have a soundtrack of 10 songs, split into two 5 song playlists. Short stories have a soundtrack of 5 songs.

Kingston Academy: Book 2

Untold Prayers

For the first time in his life, Joey is free. But he paid a hefty price for that freedom, losing everything – and everyone – he ever had and loved. Kingston Academy is the first step in exploring his new life, to become the dancer he’s always dreamed of being.

Søren is successful in life, an experienced Dom, and taking major steps towards his ideal life. The only thing missing is a permanent submissive. If he could solve that problem, the issues at work, and with his family, would be more bearable.

Silently dealing with anxiety and issues of self-confidence, Autumn has been suspended from Wonderland until he’s been cleared by a therapist. Feeling lost, untethered, and disappointed things didn’t work out with Søren, he’s not sure where to go from here.

Accidentally following Felix into Wonderland, Joey finds himself the centre of Søren and Autumn’s attention. In finding himself, he may just find the perfect submissive for Søren, and the perfect boyfriend for Autumn.

If they can accept Joey for who he is…and who he used to be…he might finally have found the place where he belongs.


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