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Author Resource: Faking It

Sometimes you want to make something unique, for your fans, when it comes to book swag. Here are a few ideas I’ve used and plan to keep using.

Fakebook – This gives you a complete profile to manipulate: profile picture, friends box, hobbies box, messages that you can choose who they’re from and when they were ‘posted’. You can upload pictures, add comments to posts and even add how many ‘likes’ and who by, to each post. But BEWARE one glitch I’ve noticed is that you can only upload one cover photo. I tried to change mine countless times and it was impossible, so make sure the one you upload first time is the one you want to keep. It doesn’t resize the picture either, so use something like Ribbet or BeFunky to get your image to the Facebook Cover Photo size, before uploading. Trust me, no matter how many times I tried, nothing worked. I had to create a whole new Fakebook page, to upload a decent cover pic, then I was stuck with it, even when it came out blurry. 😦



Fake iPhone Text Generator – This is great if you want to create those hilarious text mistake things that float around Facebook. It’s also excellent for inputting dialogue quotes, from your book. So, choose a conversation that was great in your book, then insert it as a text conversation. Or, even better, choose a text that you mention in your book and use that.



Fake Tweet Builder – Is your character a total whiz at Twitter or a real social media darling? Then create this set of fake tweets.



You can also do the same with Fake Instagram and Pinnable, which is a fake Pinterest generator.


Now all you have to do is print them into an A4 poster or a postcard, maybe even make them into bookmarks or put them on mugs…the sky is the limit. Go ahead…go fake it.


3 thoughts on “Author Resource: Faking It

  1. Things like this really annoy me! Why create fake accounts in an attempt to trick people into thinking you’re more popular than you actually are!
    I would rather have 1 actual reader with an honest opinion, whatever that opinion may be. Than 100 fake readers making me look brilliant!
    It’s stupid things like this that give indie authors a bad reputation!

    1. I absolutely agree with you Andrew, but if you looked at my description at the beginning, these are not ‘Catfishing’ or ‘fake’ accounts for indie authors to promote themselves. These are printable options for swag ideas. So that you can create what looks like, but does not function as, an account for your book character. You can’t friend people, tweet them or anything like that. You can simply share a page, with a ‘day in the life’ example of what your character would be doing, or use it to provide quotes as swag material.

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