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2021 – Best of Music (Song)

I normally do a Best Of, for the books I’ve read in a year. This year, because life has been so crazy, things will be a little different. I got REALLY into K-Pop during 2020/2021, and music became a much bigger part of my everyday life, so I’m splitting my posts into 4 parts: Books (Solo), Books (Series), Music (Song), Music (Video).

I’ve been sharing some older songs on my Video posts, but I’m going to try to keep to recent (2020/2021) songs for this post, though it could easily have just been a repeat/extension of the other post.

This song totally gives me vibes of when NCT did ‘The 7th Sense’, and ‘Cherry Bomb’. I remember in an interview, once, a professional song writer said even they couldn’t have written some of the songs NCT did, because of the strange layouts/formats, and how awkward they sound until they fit the right lyrics, tune and dance. That’s what NCT excel at.

‘Sticker’ was this for me. The first time I heard it, it felt awkward and strange, but then I listened to it again and it began to come together in my head. I needed time to get used to it, and now I love it.

I am a HUGE ATEEZ fan, and there may only be about 3 songs ever that I haven’t loved instantly. This wasn’t one of them. I loved it the very first time I heard it. As usual, this tune rocks hard.

Before this song’s video officially released, I saw the TikTok challenge on IG and loved the dance for it. Once I heard the song, I fell in love with it. With Shownu off to the military, this is a perfect song to say a temporary farewell.

*SCREAMS LOUD* ATEEZ are finally getting International attention, and I AM HERE FOR IT! This is such a great song, as well, with three of their best vocalists (though I love ALL the members equally).

WayV were one spin-off of NCT that I could never really get into, for no reason I could fathom. I loved getting to know them better during the NCT sports day, in NCT 2.0. I knew Ten from his duet with WinWin, doing a dance cover to Billie Eilish’s Lovely, but that was my first time getting to know Yangyang better, and he quickly became a favourite of mine.

This song is EPIC. It’s such a happy song that makes you want to dance. I love the hook, the dance, and the fun music video.

I’ve been keeping my eye on Cravity for a while. I really like their music, and this is no exception. Gas Pedal is a total tune, and I love the dance. This is easily in the running for my song of the year.

Corbyn is a member of the original 24K line-up, and I love that he’s gone solo. This is a great song, and it makes me excited about what else he’ll release.

As a member of GOT7, I’ve known of Jackson for a long time. When he went solo, I fell in love with Oxygen and 100 Ways, and he’s continued to release amazing tracks since then. With a kickass video and a touching storyline, this song is a winner. It’s one that I’ll re-listen to regularly.

I’ve LOVED B.I.’s comeback as a solo artist, and illa illa is a beautiful addition to his album. Read the lyrics, and you’ll realise how amazing it is. The imagery, the storytelling, and the personal touch are perfect.

JUST B are a new group, and Damage is a great song to start with. There is a lot of skilled dancing and vocal tricks for a debut song, but I’m not surprised. This video was produced by Bang Yongguk, of B.A.P. I’m a total fan of his solo work, as well as B.A.P. so I love seeing him offer his years of experience to a rookie group. These guys could go far.

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