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How To: Overcome Writer’s Block – Part 2

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Ten Ways to get rid of Writer’s Block

A list of ways to help you get your “imaginary friend” to speak to you again.

Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds

In high school I remember asking or telling a friend that I had “writer’s block”, which is the worst thing that can happen to a writer. She said “it is when your imaginary friend is not speaking to you.” Recently I’ve been struggling with ” writer’s block” and these ways seemed to help me. I hope they help you. Here’s a short list of things to do when you can’t write. Whether it is because of “writer’s block” or that you’re bored, this list should be able to help.

1. Go out and explore

Gif from gify

Getting fresh air or going to a new space can help. Changing your perspective can always help you.

2. Watch a tv show or movie

gif from gify

Sometimes inspiration can come from a favorite character. A new storyline can become real when you become inspired. Don’t watch too much, if you have a deadline.

3. Listen to music

gif from gify

Music is a really big help to me. It helps me relax and inspires me.

4. Force yourself to write

gif from gify

Sometimes you can get some decent pieces of writing out when you force yourself to do it. Just don’t break your computer when typing or your hand when actually writing.

5. Call a friend

gif from gify

Friends are awesome! They tend to be the best people to turn to when you have any issues or struggles when writing.

6. Eat a meal

gif from gify

Granted you should not eat your burger or meal like Kate Hudson did in “How to Loose A Guy in Ten Days”, but at least give fuel to your body. You cannot really function properly if you don’t eat.

7. Stretch

gif from gify. Not mine!

Be like this football player and add some fun to your stretch routine. He makes it look fun.

8. Read a book

gif from gify. Genius way of reading.

If you struggling with an assignment don’t read as many as this guy, especially if you’ve got a deadline. This guy is genius for the way he is holding and reading all those books. He’s my hero.

9. Read over the directions again – if it’s a writing assignment or paper

gif from gify

Directions are meant to help you, not lead you astray, so look at them again.

10. Ask for help

gif from gify

Just don’t wait till your drowning, like in the gif above.

Hopefully this list helped you. Remember…

gif from gify

Don’t give up on your writing, especially if it’s a way to express yourself.


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