Pay It Forward

#TFT: Book OST: Call Me 2, Part 1

#TransformationTuesday (#TFT) are an exploration of my WIP and completed Book Soundtracks. Full length novels have a soundtrack of 10 songs, split into two 5 song playlists. Short stories have a soundtrack of 5 songs.

Call Me: Book 2

Call Me Reckless

Knowing who his omega is should make grant happy. Not when that omega is recovering from a brush with the omega auction.

Knowing who his alpha is should bring Jesi comfort. Not when that alpha is younger, and friends with Ford’s alpha.

Good things should come from finding your alpha or omega, but nothing is ever simple for the ORT. With a life of trauma behind him, Jesi has to decide whether to take a risk that his alpha will be better.

With a delicate omega, who needs him to be strong, it’s up to Grant to prove his worth.


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